Pendants// Mini Belcher Pendant

These gorgeous sterling silver chains come in a variety of lengths – choose the one that you like to wear. Long or short, this chain makes the perfect statement for your fingerprint pendant.

Prices from £125 

More Product Information

Pendant size: each pendant is about the size of a 10p piece.

Pendant shapes: loveheart, asymmetrical heart, circle, teardrop, flower, oval, oblong and dogtag.

Pendant thickness: our fingerprint jewellery comes in two thicknesses, regular and chunky – you choose.

Age: we take prints from the age of 4 months. There is no upper age limit. Take a look at our grown up range – we print adults too!

Number of children: for two children you can have two same-sized pendants or two descending. If you have three children, our triple-descending pendants look fantastic.

Double-sided: perfect for two children, but if you have four, two double-sided pendants will look less cluttered than four on a chain.