Drawing jewellery

Make the most of those mini-masterpieces, gathering up dust in a folder or scrapbook, by turning them into a treasured piece of Drawing Jewellery.  Each drawing jewellery piece perfectly captures your loved one's drawing, whether it be your child's first attempt at stickmen or a Picasso-esque drawing. By carefully miniaturising your chosen drawing, we take extra special care when perfecting your unique hand-drawn piece.

The choices from our drawing jewellery collection are endless; drawing necklaces, drawing keyrings, drawing cufflinks, and more.

Drawing jewellery is a chance to beautifully encapsulate every clear detail of that cherished drawing, deep within our quality sterling silver for your personalised remembrance. All we need is a photograph of the drawing and we will create a beautiful dedication to your loved one.

No matter what the occasion, you can't go wrong with personalised hand-drawn jewellery.
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