Hand & footprint jewellery

Discover our beautiful range of both handprint and footprint jewellery to create a special keepsake.

Designed to create a sentimental piece from your loved one's print, our handprint jewellery and footprint jewellery are some of our most popular personalised jewellery collections. As prints can be taken on the day a baby is born, handprint and footprint jewellery are particularly popular among new parents! Carefully handmade as sterling silver jewellery, both handprint and footprint pieces make thoughtful gifts for new mums, dads and grandparents.
Capture those fleeting childhood memories or keep the memory of a loved one close to your heart forever by choosing one of the many types of handprint and footprint jewellery pieces on offer, including hand and footprint necklaces, hand and footprint bracelets, hand and footprint keyrings, and hand and footprint cufflinks.

Those tiny fingers and toes will soon start to grow, so be quick and get in contact with our experts to discuss your special footprint or handprint jewellery today!
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